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Administered Awards

For the most competitive fellowships and scholarships (Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater, Udall and Truman), students can not apply directly to the foundation or agency for the award. Instead, the student must be vetted and nominated through their home institution—UB. Faculty committees review the internal candidates for these awards to determine if the student has all of the necessary requirements to be competitive. They look at the GPA, resume, research statements, and the completed application. Once the candidates are reviewed, the faculty committee selects the institutions nominee(s). At this point, UB and the Fellowship Coordinator work with the candidate(s) to complete a compelling application and coordinate the submission of the application and letters of recommendation.

Awards have different self-nomination deadlines and required application materials. Students should read over the requirements of these fellowships and scholarships to see if they meet the minimum requirements. If you feel that you are a strong candidate for a particular award, review the foundation website and UB’s Fellowship and Scholarship website for additional information. Typically, it takes several months to prepare a compelling application.

Please reach out to the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships at to make an appointment to discuss which awards you should consider and if you would be a competitive applicant.

UB solicits nominations for nationally competitive awards for undergraduate and graduate work.

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